About me

So you’ve found the „about me“ page?:)

Well, there’s a reason this page is a bit hidden: I don’t really want to make this website and what I  do so much about me. I don’t want to become popular and famous (no, really, I don’t see the point).

What really matters to me is helping people find a bit of calm and peace of mind, and this is why I create videos with ASMR sounds, music or just sharing my thoughts on my YouTube channel.

Who the f*ck are you anyway?
I´m a retired guy living in Switzerland, retired from my previous, seemingly-prestiguous career, and mostly retired from what most people consider a normal life (that´s what Rentner means in German, “retiree“). Well, there´s more.. I´m also quite weird. You’ll get to know me soon enough if you stick around…