How YOU can make kick-ass ASMR Videos!

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Here’s what you will learn in this Tutorial:

  • Around 2 hours of practical, step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Reviews and recommendations for the best „bang for the buck“ setup/equipment for starting ASMR, be it for beginners or pros. Includes in-depth review and comparison of microphones, cameras and equipment such as preamps, lightning, cables or tripods.
  • Watch over my shoulder as I set everything up, record and edit the video and audio
  • My best tips and shortcuts for building an audience on YouTube – including valuable insights on marketing, branding, monetization and more… which could help you to turn your channel into a successful, 5-figure business

Go check it out and start creating – who knows, maybe you’ll become the next big ASMRer (or maybe you’re just curious about ASMR in general:)

If you have any remaining questions regarding creating ASMR and having a YouTube channel, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at, or via YouTube or instagram