Free Unintentional ASMR Album

I compiled an MP3 Album with the best and most popular tracks from the Best Unintentional ASMR channel so far (including 2 new, unpublished bonus tracks) so you can enjoy them offline or put them on your MP3 player.

Some of the tracks included are:

  • Welsh Stone Carver
  • Traditional Japanese Printmaking
  • Browsing through Japanese Newspaper & Paper Ads
  • How to clean vinyl records
  • Two unreleased bonus tracks
  • … and many more!

(You can click on the Album cover and download the entire album via GoogleDrive or right-click on the files below and select „Save File As…“ to download them)


More exclusive content

I have been working on lots of exclusive content that goes beyond pure ASMR:

  • An audiobook with various exercises that I’ve been using daily to rewire my brain for positive thoughts (I’m really excited about this – with over 10 high-quality tracks for gratitude, exercise, transforming emotions and more)
  • Relaxing Music tracks with binaural beats for meditation, focus or working out
  • Long ASMR tracks with the best triggers that I created or found elsewhere

I am planning to release these for my Patrons, before eventually selling the Audiobook ( I’ve been working on this for over a year). Please give me feedback if you want to learn more or you find this interesting.

Support this channel

I do not monetize the videos on Best Unintentional ASMR, while making them requires several hours of work (cutting unwanted sounds out, combining different videos, editing sound and video for a pleasant ASMR-experience).

You can help keep this channel ad-free:

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