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#6: Are NEETs Worthless? An Honest Conversation about Genetics, Confidence & more Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:11:10 — 97.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | RSS | MoreAn honest conversation with a young NEET from Malaysia. He has an interesting background story, and even though he doesn’t want to disclose that much, we delve into interesting topics such as genetics, self-confidence, and more.

#5: Can we escape NEETdom? Two NEETs from US & Europe discuss Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:32 — 85.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | RSS | MoreAnother interesting chat with a NEET from the US. We talk about why it’s terrible to have too much time, why it’s hard to „get back to normal“ and ways to overcome being a NEET

#4: An honest conversation with a NEET (4 years unemployed) Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:22:48 — 132.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | RSS | MoreThis is a conversation I had with a fellow NEET (not in employment, education or training) from Czech Republic. We discuss why one becomes a NEET, what to do all day, how to deal with mental health issues, and how to possibly overcome NEETdom.

#3: 6 Reasons I´m NOT Normal Play in new window | Download (Duration: 30:40 — 49.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | RSS | MoreThis is podcast number 3, a bit of a rant on 6 ways in which I am quite different from most people (I know, super edgy) – I hope you enjoy it!

Why I started this website

What is this website for? Fair question. With all the social networks around, some people argue websites are bullshit. No, I really asked myself if I need a website – after all, a presence on linkedin, youtube or instagram is enough for many successful internet personalities, it seems. It’s quite some work to set everything up, and even more work to update everything and try to design it without any real coding or graphic design skills. Also, hosting a site costs money, plus the templates, plugins and e-mail programs that always cost you if you want a few features. Well, I still like websites. I like reading on a website instead on facebook with thousands of distractions. And I like making websites, even though I’m probably not that good at it. I made this website for two reasons, really: Learning, which is most important to me, and consolidating all my stuff in one place Learning: I’m addicted to learning, there, I said it. And building this website forces me to learn new stuff: How to …