Why I started this website

What is this website for?

Fair question. With all the social networks around, some people argue websites are bullshit.

No, I really asked myself if I need a website – after all, a presence on linkedin, youtube or instagram is enough for many successful internet personalities, it seems. It’s quite some work to set everything up, and even more work to update everything and try to design it without any real coding or graphic design skills. Also, hosting a site costs money, plus the templates, plugins and e-mail programs that always cost you if you want a few features.

Well, I still like websites. I like reading on a website instead on facebook with thousands of distractions. And I like making websites, even though I’m probably not that good at it.

I made this website for two reasons, really: Learning, which is most important to me, and consolidating all my stuff in one place

  1. Learning: I’m addicted to learning, there, I said it. And building this website forces me to learn new stuff: How to set up a page in WordPress, how to do a bit of simple designing (in Photoshop), how to think of the structure and usability of the site, and so much more. These are all things I didn’t learnt at school, and all I know about html and css (not much) is self-taught through online sources.
    Most importantly, though, I want to learn to write better. I don’t think writing is outdated at all, even though audio and video replace it in some places, sure. But writing a good article with an interesting story is still a very valuable skill, I believe, that will stay relevant in the future.
    And, well, I believe in the „10,000 hours to mastery“ rule, so I will be using this website and my newsletter to write.
  2. Having all my stuff in one place: With all the different platforms where you can publish your content today, consolidating everything in one place does make sense, I think. If people want to find out who I am and what I’m doing right now, looking on this website is a good place to start, I believe.

I guess this is my first blogpost here, then. Not as glorious as you might have expected, maybe. But I will keep on putting out great content here, I promise. I think I will write about Business, Lifestyle, Money, or whatever I think about and dig up… the overarching theme will be „living on your own terms“.

In any case, I strongly suggest you subscribe to my free newsletter, where you will get all my best ideas, podcasts, relaxing videos and exclusive bonuses to your mailbox (if you want:). Talk to you soon!