Hey cool you found my site!

Welcome, and thanks for showing interest in what I do!

Here’s a picture of me, but who cares, really. It’s probably one of my prettier pictures, I usually need glasses and look pretty fucked up. What else is there to know? I’m Alex, I live in Zürich, Switzerland (and no, I’m not super rich). We have good chocolate, lots of lakes and mountains around us, and everything is f*cking expensive. Socializing is mostly painful to me as I have a different view on most things than most people (I know, I’m such a unique snowflake).

I also run two YouTube channels, RENTNER ASMR (my own ASMR videos), and Unintended ASMR (random videos that make me feel relaxed), which both devour a lot of time and make me little to no money, so I must really love what I do 🙂 ( you can support me, though)

What other stuff I’m working on

I’m interested in thousands of things, which is probably a weakness because I always start new stuff, but here are some projects I’m working on:

  1. A book about why careers make us miserable and how you can create a great life without a job
  2. An MP3 Album with my best ASMR sounds so far (kinetic sand cutting, floral foam and many more) to enjoy ASMR without needing YouTube
  3. The perfect audiobook for Peace of Mind (to listen to every day, partly with affirmations, partly with important insights, based on the best books & research on this topic)

I want to make all three available for free for my Patrons.

(There’s actually much more I’d like to create, like a point and click adventure, a 80s-style music album, a podcast on creating your own path in terms of lifestyle and work, or a kid’s audiobook).

How you can support my work

I’m very grateful for support, as it allows me to keep doing what I do (I’m generally spending it on new props and software for audio editing). Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Patreon: You’ll get exclusive content, personalized ASMR videos and more. Seriously, I want to make this the best Patreon page that’s around, I’ll put the book, albums and many other things for free there.
  • Donate on Paypal to: unintendedasmr@gmail.com

How to contact me

If there’s any reason you want to talk to me feel free to reach out and I’ll definitely answer:

Thanks so much. Feel free to browse my website a bit, which is a work in progress of course, or reach out to me.